A Wiki Proposal....

In an effort to make the Battlefield Wiki a little more active, I'd like to propose a weekly discussion panel [outside of "Talk Pages"], where fellow Wikians can debate, vent, seek opinions and otherwise about the latest with Battlefield and/or the Videogame Industry as a whole.

The reason I'm asking this is because lately, many disheartened Battlefield "fans" have been attacking EA/Dice for the content implemented in their latest game, Battlefield 3. Everything from folks who don't know what a 'beta' is to The Flame Wars that some are trying to ignite, to the PC>PS3>XBOX360 fiasco (which really comes down to opinion).

However, once Battlefield 3 is released, will the Fanboy Wars end or will it be another Civil War of "Mine looks better!"?

If Heatedpete, YuriKaslov, or any of the admins do not approve [of] this proposal, by all means, let me know and I will remove this post.

This week's discussion will be: "What has DICE done for you?"

I chose this subject due to the fact that on the recent BattleBlog, people are still attacking DICE for reasons unknown. They have been working their asses off to build us a great game, yet, understandibly, players are unsatisfied.

Discussions will take place in the comments section. We, as human beings, have opinions. Voice them.

....aned as always. I'll see you on the Battlefield.

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