Preview of Operation Firestorm & Grand Bazaar

Coming from our friends at BattlefieldO via IGN, early this morning. Two new never-before-seen Battlefield 3 Multiplayer maps that are currently being showcased at Igormir, which is essentially the Russian version of the E3 Gaming Convention. It is also interesting to note that both videos, while not mentioned, are showcasing the final build of Battlefield 3. So it's safe to say, by comparison, it amazing what DICE can do in a month.

Battlefield 3 Operation Firestorm Developer Commentary10:19

Battlefield 3 Operation Firestorm Developer Commentary

Operation Firestorm (64 player Conquest)

The first map is 'Operation Firestorm' seemingly set in the Iranian Oil fields, being played on 64 player Conquest on the PC platform, by Alex Grondal, Producer on Battlefield 3.

The second map is 'Grand Bazaar' a marketplace-like map being played on Rush, on the Playstation 3 platform by Battlefield 3 Executive Producer Patrick Bach.

Battlefield 3 Grand Bazaar Developer Commentary12:37

Battlefield 3 Grand Bazaar Developer Commentary

Grand Bazaar Rush on Playstation 3.

Operation Firestorm seems to be just another step up the ladder for Battlefield 3's Conquest Mode, being more open than Caspian Border, whereas Grand Bazaar certainly ain't no Operation Metro, but is being played on Rush, will look to be a welcome change from said map and includes vehicles and will focus on tighter infantry combat.

With just a mere two weeks away from launch, Battlefield 3 will ship with 9 maps, and the Back to Karkand pack to ship soon thereafter. DICE's next game is shaping up to the biggest release this year.

Read full, detailed article here

...and as always, I'll see you on the Battlefield.


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