No February Patch for Battlefield 3......



With all the hubub about improvements to Battlefield 3 coming this month, it seems expectations have been shattered. According to DICE's Community Manager Daniel Matros, the "February Patch" was, well...never intended for February. When asked where the patch was, Matros responded via Twitter:

"It was announced by someone who got the dates wrong"

When further inquiries came along, Matros added:

"The date was never really correct anyway"

However, this "someone" was actually Tomas Danko, VO producer for Battlefield, whom also let on about improvements for Commo Rose 2.0, with "shitloads" as he put it, of new voiceovers as well as the possibility of the Commo Rose coming to Consoles. However, one might speculate that the latter could be the reason for the February Patch delay, but DICE is also known for bundling DLC and patch updates together, ala BFBC2: Vietnam, when they brought back the ability to equip the Red Dot and 4x on the G3 and M14 as it was in the Beta, but it looks (again) like we'll just have to wait and see what happens.

UPDATE: Gustav Halling, Gameplay Designer for Battlefield 3 said today:

"[We're] working on a big one, no ETA when it's out, things like these take time".

So, it seems the patch WILL come at some point. But, I would be more focused on getting out a clean patch versus DLC.

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