Possible Beta Confirmation?

I thought you guys should check this out.


This, posted on Planet Battlefield this morning, reports that a supposed EA UK "employee" posted a pic of the BF3 Beta running on Xbox 360. This has nothing to do with the release date, just a possible confirmation that the Beta is being worked on/tested/receiveing finshing touches.

Another interesting thing to note is, so far DICE has not commented (If they are even aware of this), and that past "tweets" on this subject have been 'deleted' from the user's yfrog & twitter. The user 'kaluafan' seems to be avoid the "Is this real?" question on his/her yfrog. Also, PB took note the that console seen in the photo is not a "dev kit".

Also interesting to note is that a 'follower' on 'kaluafan's yfrog goes by the name "KyyyleN', upon doing further research, "KyyyleN" is also "KyleNxCoD', better known as "UsamaFTW" on YouTube, who was one of the first people to post leaked Battlefield 3 Alpha footage. So, there seems to be some relation between the two. But, as I always say: "We'll just have to wait and see."

This is either real or the guy has some uberpwnzor photoshop skills.

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