Private Servers for PS3 Release Today, Xbox to Follow Soon...

Today sees the release for rentable Private Servers on the PlayStation 3 platform. Applications for the Private Servers include (but aren't limited to) HUD elements or the mini-map being turned on or off and tweaking respawn times & tickets.

In order to keep the system stable, DICE will be rolling out the fucntionality throughout the week. This means there is limited availability today, but more servers will be rolled out each day until the end of the week.

Pricing for Server Rental:

$1.49 for One Day

$6.99 for Seven Days

$24.99 for 30 Days

$64.99 for 90 Days

Today also sees the release of 10 Shortcut Items available now from the PSN Store & Battlefield 3 In-Game Store:

Kit Shortcut Bundle: Immediately unlocks all items unique to the four playable classes.

Vehicle Shortcut Bundle: Immediately unlocks all items for all vehicles.

The Ultimate Bundle: Immediately unlocks all items from all other available shortcut bundles.

There has been now news thus far about how the patch performs, I will however, update you when I hear something.

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