Why is it that people aren't playing Bad Company 2?

Inb4: "Because they're playing Battlefield 3! Herp Derp!" - Yes, I am aware of that.

Anyway, a couple days ago, I decided to be nostalgic and play some Bad Company, the servers are still running (Praise be to Akatosh!) and I hopped into a game of Gold Rush, and behold, it was full! 12 vs. 12. So, after that game ended, I went into some Conquest, same thing, full lobbies. All night, did I not find an empty server. Anyway, my main point is: "How is it that a game from 2008 is better than one of the best Battlefield games I've ever played in quite sometime?"

And yes, I play on Console, get over it. ಠ_ಠ

Don't get me wrong, Battlefield 3 is GREAT, albeit, frustrating at times. So, then I will occasionally try to switch over to Bad Company 2 for a few hours to cool down, but FFS, it's rare that you will find a moderately occupied server even in regular.

Anyway, that's my two cents, and as always....I'll see you on the Battlefield.

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