Where you when you first found Battlefield?

Bf logo

For me, it was October 25th, 2005. I had $57 in my pocket. My birthday had been the week prior, and I had recieved an original Xbox. I went to GameStop. I NEEDED a new game....and that's when I saw it.

There she was, an epic explosion behind a funny looking tank. An AH-64 Apache shooting rockets behind it.

Battlefield 2: Modern Combat on the Original Xbox had been my first introduction the the Battlefield Series, since then I've played BF2 and Vietnam.....then all of a sudden, god-forbid, I hopped on the bandwagon, and for a while, regretably, I forgot what Battlefield was. But, in 2008, I was brought back to reality. Battlefield: Bad Company, which was in fact the test bed for Battlefield 3, was a blast. DICE impressed me (despite others criticisms) with their attempt at a storied Battlefield game.....and now I'm left with fighting back the anticipation for this upcoming Tuesday by ho-humming through matches of Bad Company 2 (yet, I have the feeling some dedicated BC2 players, (or those without BF3) will be overlooking the empty streets of Arica Harbor, with somber looks and thoughts of "Why? Why me?")

Battlefield has and always will be an iconic franchise. For those who stormed the beaches of Omaha in '42, and are looking to blow sh*t up in the oil fields of Tehran, let's discuss how we got introduced to the most diverse shooter franchise we've ever seen.

Please, keep it clean, ON TOPIC, and as always.....I'll see you on the Battlefield.

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