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    Late last week, DICE revealed that they'll be unveiling a brand new Battlefield game on Friday, May 6, with a countdown clock on the official website up to mark the event. No other information has been released so far, so stay tuned for all the new information coming Friday!

    To celebrate, DICE and Visceral have started a Road To Battlefield event, offering certain expansions for Battlefield 4 and Battlefield Hardline for free on all platforms until May 10. Battlefield 4 players can download Dragon's Teeth while Hardline players can nab Robbery, both for free until next Tuesday and available to players forever on their chosen platform after downloading. To download the expansions, head to the online store for your platform (Origin, Playstation S…

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  • Apprentice125

    Welcome to January, here's hoping your new year is off to a good start! Battlefield news is pretty minimal for the beginning of the year, with the main points being Battlefield Hardline: Getaway releasing next week, and development on the 2016 Battlefield title confirmed to be underway at DICE Stockholm. Let's get to it!

    The third paid expansion for Battlefield Hardline, Getaway, will be releasing for Premium members next week on January 12, 2016. Getaway cinematic launch trailer. Getaway will be available for purchase two weeks after the Premium release on January 26.

    Battlefield Hardline will also be getting a competitive matchmaking system with the release of Getaway, and will be a free feature for all players. The system, named Competitive Match, allo…

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  • Apprentice125

    Fans of both Battlefield 4 and Hardline will happy with the news today; earlier this afternoon the release date of Battlefield 4: Legacy Operations was announced alongside the official announcement of Battlefield Hardline: Getaway via the official Battlefield Twitter account.

    Legacy Operations will be dropping for BF4 players tomorrow, December 15. The free expansion includes the remade Dragon Valley 2015, bringing the classic Battlefield 2 map back to the game. It is also releasing alongside the Holiday Update, which will feature several improvements to the game, including team/objective play changes and more balancing passes. PC players can also pick up the Battlefield 4 Premium Edition for half off on Origin until tomorrow, so it's a great time to up…

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  • Apprentice125

    Yesterday, DICE Stockholm Development Director Dan Vaderlind tweeted that now they've shipped Star Wars Battlefront, he's moving on to work on the next Battlefield game.

    It's been confirmed that there's a new Battlefield title in the works for sometime, with its Q4 2016 release window being announced by EA CEO Andrew Wilson last October and later reiterated by COO Peter Moore at a recent meeting with investors. The new game has also been confirmed to be a military styled shooter by CFO Blake Jorgensen. Vaderlind's tweet is the first announcement from a DICE dev that the project is actively being worked on in some capacity by the studio.

    As stated in this month's news roundup, the rumors floating around about the next Battlefield being titled Battlef…

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  • Apprentice125

    Earlier today, DICE LA released the official cinematic trailer for the upcoming Battlefield 4: Legacy Operations expansion. Created by the amazingly talented Hoodo_Operator, the new trailer shows off what you can expect from the remake of the Battlefield 2 classic, Dragon Valley, and includes a killer rendition of 2 PLA theme.

    Veterans might recognize some familiar sights like the Pagoda and expanded Village flags, along with the return of repairable bridges. The Battlefield 3 players among you may recognize the area at the beginning of the trailer as the docks from Noshahr Canals, which is also returning as Dragon Valley's new TDM area.

    Legacy Operations is currently slated for a December 2015 release alongside the Holiday Update, but still has no …

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