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DICE LA have recently provided some more information on the Community Map Project revealed yesterday. Namely, the studio has released their outline for the project as well as its "roadmap" through the CTE Subreddit.

The outline of the project states that the new map will:

  • Be built from the ground up and guided by community feedback.
  • Have new versions continuously published on the CTE for play testing.
  • Be medium sized (about the size of Zavod 311).
  • Focus primarily on Conquest.
  • Maximize on gameplay destruction throughout the map, no Levolution set-pieces are planned.
  • Should be inspired by a real location and have a reason for conflict.

Obviously, since the project just started, it is currently in its Concept phase and there is no map to try yet. The roadmap explains what to expect from the concept phase and what the team is working on during it.

DICE will first draft several one-page pitches based off community suggestions, and then the community will decide which to move forward with. Following that, a paper design of the map detailing its initial layout, location, theme, and gameplay will be created and a few in-house software scale tests will take place.

No testing will take place on the CTE until the Production and Certification phases, which are probably a while off right now. When it does, it will probably work similar to the Infiltration of Shanghai night map project currently taking place, with the map updated every week. We'll be sure to keep you updated on the project as it moves along. For now, DICE wants your ideas for the new map. Be sure to post them in the CTE forums or subreddit, and leave your feedback on the ideas already posted there!

In other news on the CTE, today's patch added a couple of new, smaller features. As part of the ongoing Teamplay Initiative, several transport vehicles have been tweaked to allow for more passengers so the entire squad can catch a ride. Transport helos, MRAP jeeps, and RHIB boats all now have one additional passenger seat, and smaller vehicles can be unstuck with melee, like boats currently can. The Test Range has also been tweaked; the targets now have health values to better test the weapons with, the DLC Battle pickups have been added to the range, and a new island featuring the DLC vehicles has also been added. You can expect to see these changes reach the retail game in the Winter Patch that is due to be released in March.

See you on the Battlefield! -Krylov FA-37 Apprentice125(Talk)07:51, February 21, 2015 (UTC)


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