Bf4 FS reveal 2

Earlier today, DICE LA announced that the second phase of testing for Battlefield 4: Final Stand on the Community Test Environment will begin today, October 15, at 3pm PDT. The blog post did not set a release date for the expansion, but instead stated that it's "just around the corner," so it looks like the expansion may release soon after this test phase.

The post details a few more things about Final Stand for those of you who may have missed the first phase of testing about a month ago, such as some the new gadgets coming with the expansion, as well as few new screenshots of Final Stand as well. If you're a Premium PC player and missed out last month, go sign up for the CTE and you might get a chance to help test the expansion this time around.

Another blog post on the CTE Battlelog also detailed some of the changes since last time to the beta of Final Stand. Some of the new changes are,

  • Hover tank controls revamped
  • Added key bind support to the Hover tank
  • Pod launcher model updated
  • Snow mobile & Pod launcher screen effect fixed
  • Snow mobile track effect fixed
  • Fixed an issue where the MKV wouldn’t fly
  • Railgun now correctly damages vehicles
  • Fixed a Railgun HUD issue when entering vehicle
  • Fixed achievement HUD issue
  • Improved on Russian grammar for signage
  • Fixed occlusion, clipping, texture, destruction, believability, small scale destruction, levolution and gameplay issues
Bf4 FS reveal 4

For the rest of the changes, see the blog post for Teamplay Patch #5 (For those of you not in the CTE, here's a text version of the patch notes.) The CTE patch also added two other major changes, those being an alteration to Object Collision and a change to the Medic Bag: it will no longer heal players when they are suppressed.

For the rest of you, DICE LA has also given the community another mission. This week is Support Week, so the mission this time is to make make 50 Million resupplies within the week. Like with the Engie and Recon missions, the reward will be another wallpaper. Yippee. So, get out there and start tossing those ammo boxes!

Are you looking forward to Final Stand? Do you think it would kill DICE to give us a Battlepack along with the wallpaper for the Class Week missions? Let us know below!

-Krylov FA-37 Apprentice125(Talk)21:42, October 15, 2014 (UTC)

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BF4 Class Week: The Support - Battlelog, Retrieved 15/10/2014

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