The real McNab's face is unknown, but here's him as portrayed by Sean Bean

More and more video game novelizations these days are written by established authors and these days they are no longer the epitome of bad fiction, as they used to be. As it turns out, Electronic Arts decided to hire the author known under the pseudonym "Andy McNab" to write Battlefield 3: The Russian.

McNab is a former member of SAS, British special forces, and is best known for his book Bravo Two Zero, which was later filmed with Sean Bean in the role of McNab himself.

The book, co-authored by McNab and Peter Grimsdale, focuses on Dmitry "Dima" Mayakovsky, one of the main characters of Battlefield 3 single player campaign. The book is not a straight novelization of the game's story, but it picks up after the events of the game itself.

Source: Kotaku

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