• Austin Power Man

    If there was one element that DICE and EA should have learned from top games like Modern Warfare and Halo, it is that if the heart of your game is multiplayer - you MUST keep the multiplayer experience fresh. How does Bungie and Activision do this? 4 letters M-A-P-S! Halo 3 with all of their packs have around 24 multiplayer maps for gamers to indulge in. Heck, ODST has a disc just for multiplayer maps on it. Modern Warfare 2 launched with 16 maps out of the box. The majority of those had different variants for different gametypes. On top of those 16, Activision has released 2 map packs that added 5 maps a piece to that suite. So they have around 26 maps for gamers to indulge in. Have you scrolled through your Bad Company 2 Map list lately?…

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