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DICE has announced that February is Player Appreciation Month. Everyday for 28 days in February players will be awarded free Battlepacks and MUCH MORE.

  • To obtain a battlepack, players must be logged into BF4
  • Players will be awarded bronze Battlepacks during weekdays (Monday - Friday)
  • Players will be awarded Silver Battlepacks during Weekends (Saturday - Sunday)
  • Players will be awarded Gold Battlepacks through the completion of community challenges
The First challenge is obtaining enough Dog-Tags in a specified time
  • Players will be awarded free Kit Shortcuts for the game, unlocking all handguns and grenades. Premium players will additionally obtain a Kit Shortcut that unlocks all DMRs and Shotguns
  • The Final Weekend of February (28 - 2) will be a double XP Weekend
  • Developer interviews will be present where players may ask questions


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