Here is a weekly recap of all the activity on the BF Wiki as well as announcements by EA or DICE relating the the Battlefield Series. Who knows, maybe we can make this a weekly thing. If i leave out something, be sure to comment.

November 17

November 18

  • Slopijoe posts a blog on the current editor situation of the BF Wiki. Asks for other users to obtain new editors
  • awyman13 creates a blog post at the COD Wiki requesting for editors. User:Kylet357 sees the posts and immediately joins the Wiki to help. Kyle then starts to reach out to other editors on the COD Wiki as well as other Wikis and sites.
  • Kylet357 creates a blog to welcome COD editors to the BF Wiki, sparking the COD volunteer task force.
  • User:KATANAGOD admin at the COD Wiki, joins the BF Wiki. Allows his bot,

November 19

  • All confirmed weapons for SA & CR are revealed

November 20

  • LevelCapGaming releases videos of Operation Metro and Caspian Border in BF4 in SA
  • Blog created showing pictures from LevelCap's videos as well as the video themselves.

November 21

  • It is revealed that all SA maps take place in 2014. It was thought they took place in 2016 (More specifically Metro) as DICE had stated they took place two years later. They actually meant that its been two years since the maps were first played in BF3 (2011).

November 22

  • The Xbox One releases in North America. The Battlefield 4: Second Assault expansion releases exclusively for the Xbone for its launch. Releases for everyone else in Dec 2013 for Prem, 2014 for everyone else.
  • DICE showcased the Second Assault Expansion Live Stream off the Blog
  • Maxwell123 returns based on a request by awyman13 to gain control of the Wiki's Twitter account

November 23

  • Deletion and merge of the Modern Combat multiplayer page to the main page
  • Pictures for all ranks in Battlefield 4 were uploaded by Bela94 (Licensing pending)
  • awyman13 gained control of the BF Wiki Twitter account

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