Battlefest 2

Battlefest Season 2 has been announced by DICE via Battlelog. The week long event for Battlefield 4 first kicked off in July and was a huge success to the fan base. As such, expect many perks of the events such as:

  • A Free Trial of Battlefield 4 on Origin for 168 hours. Timer starts the moment the game has been launched for the first time and continues to count down when not in use.
  • A Five Day Double XP event from November 6 to November 10
  • Two New Community Missions and the chance to unlock two new dog tags with a Cops and Robbers theme (Battlefield Hardline anyone?)
  • Free Gold Battlepack every Saturday until December 6, 2014. (5 in total)

Battlefest is DICE's way of thanking Battlefield 4 fans, old and new, for all the support. "Your feedback has been invaluable to us; we recently deployed the highly appreciated Fall Update based on your suggestions, and Battlefield 4 Final Stand is being perfected thanks to your contributions in the Community Test Environment. Of course, the DICE studios will continue to improve the Battlefield 4 experience going forward.

We’ve seen many new players hit the Battlefield recently – and we’d like to heartily welcome you all! If you’re a newbie, we’ll let you try out Battlefield 4 for free** through Origin Game Time and teach you the ropes in a series of articles. We’re not forgetting about you veterans though. There are many activities planned for you during Battlefest, and we also hope to respond to your suggestions and wishes for the future of Battlefield." Origin Game Time

ALSO: Stay tuned for a special update on Battlelog at 8PM CT tonight for a special announcement, possibly the reveal date of the Final Stand expansion release. -- awyman13 Talk Work 01:23, November 7, 2014 (UTC)


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