People's Republic of China

The Chinese government has taken the liberty to ban Battlefield 4 in all of China, seeing the game as offensive and a portrayal of their country in a negative manner. This action opposes the game's intention's however:

  • Game was set in 2020 so as to distance it from current events
  • It is a work of fiction AKA not real
  • The Chinese are not portrayed in a bad way
    • The PLA is manipulated by a corrupt Chinese official seeking to obtain power by assassinating the future president and blaming the US, which also gives him an excuse to go to war and give his soldiers reasons to fight
  • Officials believe it will give gamers the wrong idea about China and ruin their image.
  • More then likely the officials who decided on the games banning never even played it.

-- awyman13 Talk Work 22:38, December 27, 2013 (UTC)


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