Battlefield 4s Battlelog features have been revealed! They are as Follows but of course not all them were revealed. Need some surprise right?

  • New Widget at top
    • Number of friends playing BF4
    • How many active missions you have (Missions are challenges made by friends)
    • Event Notification
  • Battlelog Overlay - Available to use at anytime while ingame on PC and Next Gen Consoles (Sorry Current)
    • Check Friends Stats or Join their game
    • Check on Squad members and view their profile
    • Leaderboards
    • Create Missions for Friends
    • Your Stats
  • Customization
    • Appearance
    • Vehicle
    • Weapon
    • Emblems (Can be put on all three)

You can also view news, events, forums, join/create platoons, etc. But WAIT! Theres more!

  • Real-time Load-out (PC/Next-Gen Only) - Change your class loadout in Battlelog and it will automatically change ingame
  • Remote Joining (PC/Next-Gen Only) - Join a new game automatically while your already in one through Battlelog.
  • Battlescreen (PC/Next-Gen Only) - Pull up a realtime minimap of your game on an external device to see all of the map without pausing
  • GeoLeaderboards (PC/Nex-Gen Only ???) - See whos at the top of the leaderboards based geography. It could range from a block, town, city, state/province, country, or the ENTIRE WORLD. It could show best medic, most kills, etc.
  • Suggestions - Items that you are closest to unlocking will be displayed and "suggested"

Probably need to update the Battlelog page now huh? BF4 largely releases on October 29, 2013.


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