Been playing the BF4 beta and i like it. It definitely had problems however

  • Change in controls - If it aint broke done fix it. R2 to spot? Circle to Knife? Least they added Veteran layout but its still too different
  • Maps are somewhat too big on console - They were designed for 64 and though Siege was still reduced in size for console i still find myself looking for enemies
  • Empty rooms, streets, areas - Whats with all the empty rooms? A couple boxes or pictures, even debree wouldnt kill DICE. Not even any rooms in the skyscraper have anything in them
  • No Squad Menu - While its easy to join friends, i want to squad up in a menu and join together. Didnt see a menu
  • Too much customization - Theres so much thats its actually confusing. On top of that you dont really know what youve unlocked and the white backround makes it harder to see.
  • No Commander Mode in Beta - The best part is that they give the option to become commander then it says its not available in beta.
  • Lack of Ammo - I kept finding myself out of ammo quickly and when i went to swap classes with a dead guy it said to hold Triangle. Did that, still didnt switch class

Despite these I am still getting ut, i dont care. Anything to add? Post below. Remember though, its a beta so that means it wont necessarily be the same as the actual game. -- Seal of the US Air Force awyman13 Talk Work 00:04, October 2, 2013 (UTC)

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