The Battlefield 4 Beta almost upon us so here are the requirements (more like requirement). PC players need at least a 64-bit OS (Vista or above) while console platers just need a few MG set aside to get it.

Based on feedback, DICE will constantly be tweaking the beta. PC players can download the beta on September 29 at 10 AM PDT and can then be played on Oct. 1st for BF3 Premium members, MoHW Limited Edition owners, and those who pre-ordered the BF4 Digital Deluxe. It will then become open on October 4th and will close for everyone on October 15th.

The beta will feature Siege of Shanghai on Conquest and Domination. Those who participate in the beta will get an exclusive dogtag in the actual BF4 saying "WAS THERE DID THAT".


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