Battlefield 4 Official Levolution Features Video02:05

Battlefield 4 Official Levolution Features Video

The Battlefield 4: Levolution Features Trailer showed glimpes of this new map in Battlefield 4. The maps starts out in an urban town but after the damns destructions it become a naval warfare haven! DICE said in a recent post on the Battlefield Blog that:

"Another map (which we won’t name just yet) allows you to change an entire urban level from land-based to water-based. At the start teams will have access to various land vehicles that fit an urban environment. But if someone successfully destroys a levee and lets the water pour out, the streets will flood and boats will spawn as reinforcements in place of the land vehicles.

The flooded streets also shake things up for infantry. The raised water level offers some interesting options for positioning on the map, opening up some areas you couldn’t get to before and simultaneously closing off other paths. While the boats control the streets, infantry will have to take to the rooftops for protection. You can also dive underwater, as well as use one-handed gadgets and one-handed weapons while in the water.

This kind of Levolution shows just how important your play-style is. For example, if your team dominates in infantry combat, you’ll want to defend the levee. However, if you’re an expert with the attack boat and deadly in the water, you’re going to give everything you have to take that levee down. To relate to what I said before, the levee turns into a sub-objective for your squad or team based on how you want the game to play out."

I had even asked them in a Tweet how a destructible dam would be and they said i wouldnt be disappointed. Whys that? Because BF4 now has a map with a destrictuble damn that'll flood the entire map. The name, however, has yet to be revealed! - Seal of the US Air Force awyman13 Talk Work 00:41, August 23, 2013 (UTC)

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