As we are approaching the release of Battlefield 4, heres a new list of some of the new gameplay features it has primarily in Multiplayer. (Note: This does not include any of the new weapons or vehicles added)

  • Diving
  • Knife Takedown Counters
  • Ability to knife take down an enemy in water
  • Ability to Plant C4 in water, including on Boats
  • Commander Mode
  • Sliding Ladders
  • Ability to Sprint up Ladders
  • Peaking Over Cover
  • Levolution
  • 5 Man Squads
  • 64 Players - PC + Next Gen
  • 24 Players - This Gen
  • Field Upgrades (Specializations) and Vehicle Specializations
  • Ammunition in chamber will not be lost when reloading
  • Player Fingers Point when Spotting
  • Animation of pulling shoot will be done when using parachute
  • Support and Recon Kits can use C4, Claymores, etc
  • Motion Sensor Balls Return
  • PDWs replace carbines as main weapons
  • Carbines and Battle Rifles are all-kit weapons
  • Jets and Helicopters have two different fly ceilings
  • Those Killed by Knife Takedowns can NOT be revived
  • No more 20% and 100% revive, it is now 50% and 100%
  •  Players have 3 “charges”, but they do replenish over time. This takes out Rambo reviving
  • Squad members, which now gives you 125 points per revive, and normal team members have different colors of their revive icons
  • Ability to put camoflauge on weapons, vehicles, and outfit. Camos will actually blend into environment
  • Ability to put player emblems from Battlelog on weapons, vehicles, outfit
  • Increased Weapon Customization. More slots have been added

If i missed some (which im sure I probably did), post in comments. -- Seal of the US Air Force awyman13 Talk Work 23:13, September 4, 2013 (UTC)

Source for newer features:

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