It has been revealed that Battlefield 4's Premium Calender, which originally ended in October 2014, has been extended to December 2015. The question is, what could this new content be?

Final Stand was intended to be the last expansion (hence the "Final" part) but DICE LA confirmed more content was on the way. While we dont know much, we do know the expansion will most likely feature reimagined classic maps from older Battlefield installments. In fact, DICE has a poll up right now that lets you vote on ANY map from past installments you want to see in Battlefield 4.

Due to the calender extension, its probably safe to assume new knives will be introduced as well as double XP evemts, battlepacks, and more. The inclusion of new weapons is questionable though. Stay tuned for more information.

-- awyman13 Talk Work 04:56, January 8, 2015 (UTC)


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