Battlefield 4 - Second Assault DLC Trailer00:45

Battlefield 4 - Second Assault DLC Trailer

A Teaser trailer for Battlefield 4: Second Assault. It displays some new things on these favorite BF3 maps


  • Elevators arent for show anymore. They can be used.
  • Subway Ceilings can be destroyed and fall on enemies
  • Lights can be shot creating total darkness


  • Part way through a match a serious sandstorm moves in


  • The Oil Complex can now be completely destroyed


  • Spire has replaced radio tower
  • Large Prison Walls have been placed at checkpoint
  • Elevator in Spire
  • Checkpoint has spike stripes through the entrance

New Weapons

A post in The BF Blog also confirmed that a new vehicle will be added along with 10 new assignments. Also Capture the Flag is returning!

Second Assault Releases on December 3rd, 2013.


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