USS Titan destroyed.fw

The Battlefield 4: Naval Strike expansion brought the rumor that Titan (Game Mode) from 2142 may return. Here are my thoughts on how it could work. in half and sinks.

During South China Sea, the USS Titan is found critically damaged by the PLA. Tombstone is then sent to board the ship to retrieve intel. It is then that the ship breaks in half and sinks.

Now someone of you can probably see where im going with this. As this isnt the "22 Century", the Type-2 Titan doesnt exist but the USS Titan does. (DICE even named the ship Titan as a reference to 2142).

Heres two Possibilities on how to board the Titan

  • Now instead of missiles to disable a non-existent shield, there could instead be bases throughout a map that hold explosives and once the opposing team has obtained them, they can be used to make pathways into the ship
  • Missiles (like in 2142) could be used to damage the ship which would then allow enemy forces to enter. (Maybe a hole in the hull, etc)

Once inside, players would have to find multiple critical areas of the ship and proceed to plant explosives.

Now the PLA and the USMC would make perfect sense for this map. Since forcefields dont exist, the Titan could have a "no fly zone" above it to stops jets or helos. That or no air vehicles at all and we cant have that.

Have any ideas? Post in the comments bellow. In any case we'll for sure find out if Titan will return when Naval Strike releases in Spring 2014. -- awyman13 Talk Work 21:00, December 11, 2013 (UTC)

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