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Beta Changes: BF3 Button Layout Returns!

Awyman13 October 16, 2013 User blog:Awyman13

The Battlefield 4 Beta was a true beta and DICE changed the final game based on feedback. Heres a list of changes:

  • Legacy Button Layout - Extremely similar controls to BF3. While not exactly the same, if you thought the Veteran Layout from the Beta was similar, this takes the cake
  • Removal of Elevator Launching Glitch - Sorry Youtube
  • AK-12 rate of fire reduced - 1000rpm to 750rpm
  • Compensator and Muzzle now properly reduce accuracy
  • Reduced and rebalanced full auto accuracy
  • Increased throw distance of Ammo and Med Packs
  • Ammo Packs now reload two magazines at once up to four times. Do not reload RPGs, Grenades, Explosive Launchers, etc.
  • Auto-Aim fixed - No more auto aim up close
  • Muzzle flash from 25mm and 40mm launchers now more noticable
  • Fixed Knife Takedown Animation Fail
  • Revive Time is now 10 seconds instead of 7
  • Fixed Incorrect vehicle descriptions
  • IGlA and Stingers now do 35% instead of 25%. No more using 5 rockets to destroy choppers. Now its 3
  • TOW Guided Missile speed increased from 75m/s to 50m/s
  • Increased Coaxial LMG sustained fire accuracy on armored vehicles
  • Reduced 25mm & 40mm damage to armored vehicles
  • Reduced IFV main gun damage on other armor
  • Fixed Tank Main Gun glitches
  • Vehicles can now be steered with joysticks
  • Fixed vehicle steering during acceleration
  • RPG7 and SMAW can no longer lock on to laser designated vehicles
  • Fixed projectile warnings for designations
  • Lock on distance from RPGs, SMAW, MBT Guided Missiles reduced from 500mm to 350mm
  • Laser Guided Missiles now do 90% damage instead of 100% on All scout and attack helicopters
  • Empty Servers are no longer listed in browser

-- Seal of the US Air Force awyman13 Talk Work 20:40, October 16, 2013 (UTC)


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