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DICE: No Plans to Add Squad Menu

Awyman13 February 26, 2014 User blog:Awyman13

The Squad Menu is a feature that players have longed to be added in Battlefield 4. The Menu was present in numerous past installments of the Battlefield Series such as in Battlefield 3 or Battlefield: Bad Company 2. It basicly allows friends to create a squad in the main menu of the respective game and then subsequently join a match together.

DICE has constantly avoided questions about including a squad menu in Battlefield 4. Today on their official Twitter, it was stated, "We currently have no plans to add this [Squad Menu], but thanks for sharing your interest."

One would think that in a game that promote teamwork, DICE would have kept the popular Squad Menu as well as the Team Chat Option. -- awyman13 Talk Work 03:25, February 26, 2014 (UTC)


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