With the Spring Patch quickly approaching, DICE has revealed more information on the presets of the Gun Master game mode set to be introduced in Battlefield 4 in the Weapons Crate Pack. -- awyman13 Talk Work 08:25, May 17, 2015 (UTC)

Gun Master is played like a Team Deathmatch game. The twist is that you don’t get to choose the weapons used. You swap weapons every time you get two consecutive kills on an opponent and whoever is the first player to get a kill with the final weapon wins! - DICE


This setup contains rifles, machine guns, shotguns and pistols and ends with the M9 bayonet


Classic rifles, machine guns, shotguns and pistols ending with a M9 bayonet


In this preset you can only use different kind of pistols, ending with the survival knife


This mode will let you play with DLC weapons – including the Phantom bow


Seeing how Gun Master is a “party mode”, we had to make a silly weapon list too! This one starts out with ballistic shields (as weapons) and it’s downhill from there


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