BFHL April 2015 Stats

Visceral has revealed the community stats for Battlefield Hardline after more than three weeks after the game's release.

Overall, players have put in more than 2 billion minutes into Battlefield Hardline, or 3,800 years of game time. The law prevailed most of that time, with cops winning 52 percent of total of matches.

Hotwire is the most popular game mode. It is followed by the classic Conquest mode and the new Heist mode. The American Dream has a total of 80,477 kills at the time the data was released.

More statistics can be found in the image to the right. In other news, EA had confirmed that Steve Papoutsis, who was the general manager of Visceral Games for over 15 years, has left the company, though a reason for it has not been noted.


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