While Final Stand releases today for Premium members, some users may not yet see the expansion in the PSN Store or XBL Marketplace. Luckily though, we have the release times for each region right here on BF Wiki, curtsey of the official website.

Remember that you have to first install a massive update before you can start playing. EA themselves also suggest doing this first before installing the expansion to avoid any problems.

  • PC in Origin: 6:00AM PST, or 3:00PM CET
  • Xbox One 7:00AM PST, or 4:00PM CET
  • Xbox 360: 8:00AM PST, or 5:00PM CET
  • PlayStation 3:
  • North America: 6:30PM PST (3:30AM CET, 19.11)
  • Europe: 6:00PM CET
  • Asia: 10:30AM CET, 19.11
  • PlayStation 4:
  • North America: 6:30PM PST (3:30AM CET, 19.11)
  • Europe: 7:00PM CET
  • Asia: 10:30AM CET, 20.11

See you on the Battlefield of the future! -- awyman13 Talk Work 00:35, November 19, 2014 (UTC)


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