Battlefield 4 allows players to create their own custom emblem on Battlelog. The emblem in turn will then appear in-game on either a players weapons, occupied vehicle, or a player's screen who has been killed by the emblem's owner.

Now creating one of these can be a real pain, so here is an easy way to import some awesome emblems in only three step, requiring as little as Google Chrome

1: Head on over to and select one of the many emblems. Simply highlight the code and copy it (Control + C).

2: In a separate window/tab, navigate to Battlelog, sign in, and select “Customize Emblem” in the soldier section. Create a new emblem, and then hit Control + Shift + J in Google Chrome (Ctrl-Shift-K for Firefox, F12 in Internet Explorer), which will open up the console for the web page.customize-bf4-emblem

3: Go to the bottom of the console page, and paste the code (Control + V) that you copied from the emblem page. Hit Enter. Done

NOTE: Battlelog only allows up to Twenty Layers to be used for emblems, meaning that any Emblem exceeding that cannot be used. Premium members however, can utilize up to Forty layers.

Enjoy your newfound artwork and bragging rights! -- Seal of the US Air Force awyman13 Talk Work 05:26, November 27, 2013 (UTC)

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