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My Impending Departure

Awyman13 February 13, 2014 User blog:Awyman13

I would just like to remind the community that in 145 days from the time this post has been created, I will be indefinitely leaving the Battlefield Wiki.

This is due to my departure to Lackland Air Force Base for Basic Training for the United States Air Force. That being said, I will leave for MEPs on July 7, 2014 (Bungie Day Go Figure). My last day on the BF Wiki will likely be on July 6th, 2014, just short of a month after my four year anniversary of joining the BF Wiki. If all goes well I may one day return.

Its been great so far guys. I'll make my time left count. As always, see you on the Battlefield! -- awyman13 Talk Work 05:06, February 13, 2014 (UTC)

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