"Although they have not yet announced a version of Battlefield for [fiscal year 2015], they confirmed that our understanding is spot on and that if a version of Battlefield were to be released in FY:15, it would be developed by a studio other than DICE."

— Pachter of DICE

There have been many rumors around that Battlefield would become a year-by-year franchise like Call of Duty. DICE however has confirmed that a new Battlefield Game would not be released in 2014, at least not one that is developed by DICE.

Now most fans of the series know that it takes DICE two years to develop a Battlefield Game as DICE and EA want to get the job done right. As such, it is highly doubted if another studio will make a new Battlefield Game for 2014, unless say it was a free to play version.

DICE has yet to announce the next installment of the Battlefield Series. Will it be Battlefield 5, Battlefield: Bad Company 3, or something new all together? We'll have to wait and see.


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