DICE has finally made Rent-a-Server available for Battlefield 4 on consoles! This feature was added during the implementation of the updated hardware for servers on consoles. Rent-a-Server allows owners to change many aspects of the game like map rotation, factions, ticket count, game modes, etc.

Players can find the rent a server menu in the multiplayer section or the in-game store and have the options to rent a server for either:

  • 1 day ($1.49)
  • 7 days ($6.99)
  • 30 days ($24.99)
  • 90 days ($59.99)

DICE also stated that this is a "soft" launch meaning servers are currently limited though more will be added later. Basically meaning "first come first server".

Aside from that, DICE has also announced that they have fixed the "Death Shield" bug that would make the bodies of revived players temporary shields at the time of their revival.

-- awyman13 Talk Work 22:44, April 29, 2014 (UTC)


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