Squad Conquest is a new gamemode that has been added to Battlefield 4 in the Community Test Environment and is currently in testing phase. Youtuber Westie has the breakdown of the mode in this video but I have managed to sum it up below.

► SQUAD CONQUEST! Battlefield 408:26

► SQUAD CONQUEST! Battlefield 4

Squad Conquest is a variation of Conquest Assault. As the name implies, the gamemode pits two opposing squads of five players against one another as they try to capture and hold all flags until tickets have been reduced to zero. Similar to Conquest Assault, defenders start with control of all flags while attackers on the other hand hold none. Upon losing control of all flags, the defenders are unable to respawn and lose the match by default if all players have been killed.

While the mode features three normal flags, it also holds a fourth, known as a "strategic team resource. Depending on the map the gamemode is played on, this flag may be either a Battle Pickup or a vehicle. In order to use the resource, it must first be captured which done at an exponentially longer rate than a normal flag. Due to the modes intention for competitive gameplay, map boundaries are much smaller than normal to accommodate for close quarters combat.

Stay tuned for more information on everything Battlefield. -- awyman13 Talk Work 00:33, May 19, 2015 (UTC)


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