A few weeks ago I attended the 2015 Chicago Wizard World Comic Con and man it was awesome. I got to meet and see some celebrities, get a sneak peak to new shows and comics, and much more. Now I'm here to give you tips if your ever granted the opportunity to attend a convention.

Be Prepared to Walk

The convention is going to be packed and even if you manage to get a parking spot around the convention, you'll still be doing a lot of walking. We also don't want anyone passing out on our hands from dehydration or anything and just because your not doing any strenuous activities doesn't mean it can't happen so keep hydrated and take a brake if you need it. Also feel free to bring a shield because you'll need it to pass through the crowd!

Eat Before or After the Convention

The lines are long and the food choices are minimal. If your rich then feel free because the prices are outrageous. If anything I would bring some food to the convention to satisfy your hunger. I mean the food they serve is the exact same as what they serve in high schools and prisons.

Clear Up Your Phone Storage

I cannot tell you how many times I had to keep deleting things off my phone so that I could take pictures and videos for the convention. I wouldn't been able to even manage it all if I hadn't brought my labtop with me so that I could transfer all my stuff to it. An even easier thing to do would be to bring an actual camera which I didn't have the luxury to have with me at the time.

Theres No (Free) WiFi

We live in the digital age and most of us don't want to use all of our precious data at once. So if you want be blogging, tweeting, or anything, remember that the conventions do not offer free WiFi. You can pay $10 a day to use it though it's not even that fast and dozens of other are people using it at the same time. Maybe you can find a near by Starbucks or McDonalds?

Get to Panals Early

Everyone is excited to see the celebrities at the convention and that means the good seats will be gone quick. Don't arrive at the panel right before it starts because it will be packed at that point. Even if your so early that your in another panel then be quick to get around the crowd and into the seat your looking for. Now sometimes panel schedules conflict and you cannot always see all the ones you want nor can you make it to them all on time but just try your best, your only human after all..... or are you? Your cosplaying right?

-- awyman13 Talk Work 20:04, September 4, 2015 (UTC)

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