Anyone ever notice that the Battlefield FIM-92 Stinger model reads "Tracking Rainer" on the side? Well did you know that the real Stinger used by the US Military actually reads "Tracking Trainer".

Turns out that a few days ago Russian supported Rebels of Ukraine found US Stingers at Luhansk International Airport which the rebels had recently overtaken. The finding of these stingers suggested that the United States was supplying Ukraine with weapons. This was further proven by propaganda videos that the rebels had produced.

Tracking Rainer

It wasn't until the internet discovered the numerous inaccuracies the Stinger held such as reading "Tracking Rainer" on the side! Eventually someone put the two and two together that the Stingers where actually fakes modeled off those used in Battlefield!

Just goes to show that DICE isn't perfect and that some people lack attention to detail. --awyman13 Talk Work 02:36, July 24, 2015 (UTC)


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