DICE has listed the upcoming vehicle tweaks that will go into effect sometime this week in a new patch.

  • AA vehicles now carry 4 instead of 6 missiles
  • Velocity of MAA's 20MM Cannon gun changed from 1200 m/s to 800 m/s
  • Reduced impact of all Anti-Air Missiles though damage remains the same
  • Gunner Cannon and Zuni Rockets damage increased for Attack Helicopter
  • Scout Helicopter 25MM Splash damage reduced
  • Reduced "intelligence" of MBT-LAW missiles
  • M2 SLAM maximum damage range reduced from 6m to 3m
  • STAFF shell damaged reduced by 25%
  • Fixed glitch where Active Protection and MP-APS did not stop 12 G Frag rounds.
  • Numerous other glitch and stability fixes.


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