DICE has been known for DLC in the Battlefield series. But what else can they put in such a big franchise they theyve created and how will they incorporate it in Battlefield 3? Leave a comment and tell what you think they should put into the game.

Snow Maps

DICE has made tons of snow maps over the years especially in BF 2142 and in Bad Company 2, but what about BF3? Considering all the possibilities the Frostbite 2 engine makes, they could do ALOT with snow maps. For instance, they could make it so that you can temporaily see an enemies footprints in snow. They could also add a blizzard, aswell as instances where the cold could hurt your player. The possibilitys are endless.


Since Battlefield is known for large maps and vehicles, and since we're talking about snow maps, why not add snowmobiles. I mean they're adding motorcycles in End Game?

What else do you think DICE can add to the already huge gaming universe that is Battlefield?

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