Since Battlefield 3 was released last week and i've been playing multiplayer and beat singleplayer, Ive been editing and revising many things on the BF3 page. I revised and added a summaries of all six missions in the co-op campaign, added trivia, along with, like I did for Bc2, a glitch and bugs section for the game over singleplayer and multiplayer. Since i hadent played co-op much and i made the summaries for the missions from this wikia, i hadent added it to the glitches section. A contributer added the co-op section to the glitches article in BF3 over the co-op how you can revive team mates at times, etc. I went to fix the article's summary to include co-op and I find that the entire page is locked? Why i mean 5 hours ago it wasnt but it might be to prevent vandalism and stuff but i saw no vandalism on the page and the massive ammount of things I added to co-op and the page in general is not vandalism other wise i wouldve been notified by someone or it wouldve been deleted. Another reason i needs to be unlocked is that the singleplayer section is seriously messed up. Its all cluttered up. So my main question to everyone is why?

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