"User-generated videos are a valuable and unique aspect of how gamers share their experiences playing the games they love, and one that EA supports"

— EA

Following the reveal that Microsoft paid Youtubers to promote the Xbox One under certain conditions EA officially revealed that they too had a similar program for Battlefield 4 called the Ronku Assignment. It ran from October 29, 2013 to November 29th, 2013. Youtubers were paid $10 for every 1000 views relating to either BF4 or NFS Rivals with each producers limited to 3 videos and a view cap of 20 Million (Possible $200,000!).

Producers had to abide by certain criteria first before being paid.

  • The agreement may not be disclosed to anyone
  • Videos must relate to the good aspects of the game (similar to how Microsoft only allowed users to talk good of the Xbox One
  • Glitches and problems are prohibited
  • Videos largely should but were not limited to focus on Levolution or crossing the finish line in Rivals



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