• Battlefield Bad Company: 2

    Note: This guide features some content that may be usefull only for the game mode RUSH

    Hey guys! I made this guide for anyone who wants to know how to be the best, most usefull, guy on your BF: BC2 mutiplayer team!

    Well, you can't just go into battle with the assault kit and go out shooting from distances of 300ft! Why? Because each kit has its own job! If you have the assault kit, you want to be supporting fire at ranges of 100ft, while supplying ammo to teamates! Anyways, here are the kits, and the jobs they do!:

    You may think that the Medic class is for suppporting fire. Yes and no. The Medic is to run around supporting fire, yes, but mostly healing teamates, and bringing just died soilders back to life with the defibrillator. Anyways, the …

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