aka John

  • I live in Florida
  • I was born on October 3
  • My occupation is Gamer and student
  • I am BOY
  • Bob34236

    Since we have all these cool ideas for BF3 and were not really telling dice about them we should make this wishlist and send it to battlefield. Just write in the comments your ideas and ill add them. Try to give them a reason.

    • 64 and 32 player servers for console , conquest on large maps is literally 16 people since 2 take the attack helicopter and 2 for the jets. All have to do is get in a jeep take the objective and move on to the next flag and when they take it you go back and then forth , all often without conflict. I only even are able to use the scout helis every few days. And then with the large amored kill maps it will be even worse. - bob34236
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