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Battlefield 3's Wake Island

Bovell May 19, 2011 User blog:Bovell
  • Concept art for Battlefield 3's Wake Island
  • Battlefield 3: Back to Karkand promo

DICE has given us a look at a piece of concept art for their Battlefield 3 remake of Wake Island.

It seems to be a lot darker and more wartorn than Battlefield 2's paradisaical Wake Island.

DICE also gave some insight as to how they came up with the original Wake Island design:

"The basic premise was that we looked at how real-life Wake Island [from the Pacific Theatre in WWII] looks today. We knew we couldn’t do it to scale, but that kind of one-to-one fidelity wasn’t really of interest to us. Funny thing is, it was in fact downscaled so much due to a decimal error in programming. The map was originally meant to be bigger, but the involuntary downsizing created a very cool and concentrated gaming experience."

Wake Island is included as part of the Back to Karkand DLC, which comes free with every pre-order of Battlefield 3.

Original/source article: | Wake Island Remake for Battlefield 3 Explained

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