DICE recently announced at the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo that the console versions of Battlefield 3's maps will be scaled down in comparison to the PC equivalent.

BF3 Iraq city

This news come after it was confirmed not too long ago that the PC would support 64 players in a server to the consoles' 24. It can be assumed, therefore, that the decreased player count on the consoles is related to the smaller maps.

DICE also revealed that players may fly jets to the full extent of maps, and can venture into otherwise "out of bounds" areas.

Additional details that were given out were regarding the melee system. In place of the FPS standard of a quick knife kill, DICE told journalists that it involves quick-time prompts, such as left and right punches, counter punches, and throws.

Additionally, Battlefield 3 will have the final episode of its "Fault Line" series released on YouTube this Wednesday.

Original/Source article: CVG - Battlefield 3 multiplayer maps smaller on consoles

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