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  • Brambles2006

    Well its had me thinking for awile but DICE releases new weapons, new vehicles, new maps, new assignment, new dog tags, new soldier and weapon camos in DLC expansions but not new equipment, so my idea is instead of releasing 10 new weapons/vehicles release 10 new equipment instead. Here's a list of the 10 possible equipment to be intergrated into BF3 multiplayer IMO and what class and equipment slot they would fit in to:

    • Intelligent Munitions System - Support class, equipment slot 2 (more detail here)
    • Flashbang grenades - Recon class, equipment slot 1
    • Smoke grenades - Assault class, equipment slot 1
    • SRAW (US) ERYX (RU) - Engineer class, equipment slot 1 (wire guided launchers similar to BFBC2's AT4)
    • AT4 - Engineer class, equipment slot 1 (the A…
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