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More technology to the Battlefield?

Well its had me thinking for awile but DICE releases new weapons, new vehicles, new maps, new assignment, new dog tags, new soldier and weapon camos in DLC expansions but not new equipment, so my idea is instead of releasing 10 new weapons/vehicles release 10 new equipment instead. Here's a list of the 10 possible equipment to be intergrated into BF3 multiplayer IMO and what class and equipment slot they would fit in to:

  • Intelligent Munitions System - Support class, equipment slot 2 (more detail here)
  • Flashbang grenades - Recon class, equipment slot 1
  • Smoke grenades - Assault class, equipment slot 1
  • SRAW (US) ERYX (RU) - Engineer class, equipment slot 1 (wire guided launchers similar to BFBC2's AT4)
  • AT4 - Engineer class, equipment slot 1 (the AT4 from the campaign brought into multiplayer 1 shot disposable)
  • Taser Shockwave - Support class, equipment slot 2 (claymore that stuns enemies for short time giving you a 'stun assist' if they are killed by a teammate while stunned)
  • Ballistic Knife - Assault class, equipment slot 1 (ballistic knife with 3 shots that kills in one shot IF it hits the head or neck)
  • Night Vision Goggles - Recon class, equipment slot 1 (NVG's similar to the IR scope that allows NVG capability without the need for an IR scope)
  • Riot Shield - Assault class, equipment slot 1 (a destroyable riot shield that gives abit of extra protection when assaulting a flag or M-COM station)
  • Vehicle Tracker - Engineer class, equipment slot 2 (when attached to an enemy vehicle it tracks them on the map in real-time, you will get a 'tracker assist' if the vehicle is destroyed while tracked)

Feel free to comment please and add anything else that would make a good addition to BF3 equipment.

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