Hello fellow wiki members. This is my first (news) blog post, so correct me if I do anything wrong. Here goes:

Yesterday, a user on the website NeoGAF posted the names and "teaser" images of all 10 maps that will be included in the base Battlefield 4 game. According to him, this information was accessible from somewhere on the Battlelog webpage, but no further specifics were given.

The map names are listed below (the last few map names are used by DICE internally and are subject to change):

  1. Siege of Shanghai
  2. Paracel Storm
  3. Operation Locker
  4. Golmud Railway
  5. Damage (the unknown dam map)
  6. Flooded (the unknown levee map)
  7. Abandoned (the unknown forested map)
  8. Resort
  9. Tremors
  10. Dish

Hit the link below for pictures of these new maps.

Source of Info

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