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    So earlier this morning I downloaded the patch, which was a disturbing 1.08GB, and then re-downloaded B2K for some reason I can't even fathom.

    The main changes I have noticed:

    • Suppression has been totally ruined - you can get suppressed by a pistol shot from a mile away, meaning you go blurry for a full 5 seconds.
      • This means in encounters with an enemy, once he suppresses you, which is going to happen undoubtedly, all you can do (partly because the aiming goes absolutely ape**** while suppressed) is spray at him. This in turns suppresses him, turning the encounter into a spray match where luck and whoever sprays most dictates who wins.
    • Tanks are much more vulnerable to RPGs, to the same level or even moreso than BC2
      • Javelin now seems to OHK or On…
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  • Callofduty4

    This article here outlines briefly some planned changes to the M98B, G3 and Famas.

    • The G3 will no longer be 100% accurate on its first shot
    • The G3 will do 34-22 damage as opposed to the 30-20 now
    • The Famas' recoil will pull the gun to the side, "a behavior much more difficult to control"
    • The Famas' bipod will be "significantly improved"
    • The M98B will retain 95 damage, but a way has been found to not make it OP
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  • Callofduty4

    Top wikis 2011

    December 22, 2011 by Callofduty4

    Hey all,

    I've added the Battlefield wiki to the vote for Best Wiki 2011, which can be found here.

    Make sure to head down to support!

    Vote here!!

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  • Callofduty4

    EA are being sued by angry PS3 gamers after failing to deliver on their promise of a free copy of BF1943 for all those who bought BF3.

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  • Callofduty4

    MW3 and BF3 reviews

    November 12, 2011 by Callofduty4

    Hello all, I've decided to write a review for both MW3 and BF3.

    I've played both games for a good 14 or so hours now, and played all aspects of each game, so I'm pretty sure I've got a good grip on how each game plays.

    I started this game by playing campaign mode. The first mission starts really inexplicably, and even though it's not a direct sequel, you would have thought there would be some sort of explanation. A lot of the campaign, in my opinion, is far too basic and repetitive. Shoot shoot shoot... yeah I know this is an FPS, but you can do more than that. I think they tried to shake it up with that fighter jet mission where you are the co-pilot, which in all honesty is nothing more than a slightly interactive cutscene. Overall, this ga…

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