So earlier this morning I downloaded the patch, which was a disturbing 1.08GB, and then re-downloaded B2K for some reason I can't even fathom.

The main changes I have noticed:

  • Suppression has been totally ruined - you can get suppressed by a pistol shot from a mile away, meaning you go blurry for a full 5 seconds.
    • This means in encounters with an enemy, once he suppresses you, which is going to happen undoubtedly, all you can do (partly because the aiming goes absolutely ape**** while suppressed) is spray at him. This in turns suppresses him, turning the encounter into a spray match where luck and whoever sprays most dictates who wins.
  • Tanks are much more vulnerable to RPGs, to the same level or even moreso than BC2
    • Javelin now seems to OHK or One Hit Disable tanks...
  • Frag rounds are useless, they'll never worry you again.
  • Helicopters no longer stand a chance against a couple of engineers on a team.
  • Aiming seems different... this may co-incide with the whole suppression ruination.
  • Private servers are pretty cool, people holding some 2000 ticket 24/7 Metro servers.
  • MK3A1 is fixed and now works properly with frags/slugs.
  • Recoil has been increased seemingly across the board - the M249's recoil is massive compared to that before the patch.
  • Much less people using Support.

So all-in-all there is some good stuff, but the suppression changes are horrible. They do no justice to the game and instead just make it a pain in the butt for everyone to go around getting kills or getting killed.

What do you think about the patch if you have it on PS3? Are you looking forward to it if you are on other platforms? Please comment below if you want c:

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