I decided to make a blog about things that I perceive that should receive a nerf, or a buff in BF3. I think that USAS-12 w/ Frag Rounds, although it really isn't too OP, it shouldn't have the ability to use frag rounds, because, well, that just doesn't make sense in terms of preserving game balance. I see that the FAMAS and the F2000 should not be nerfed, because they sacrifice accuracy over power to a certain extent. The other AR's should be given a buff in terms of lessening recoil, however. I believe that the LMG's should be more like in BC2, they should have superior firepower, but at the cost of less damage per round. Tanks should also have less durable armor, because taking out specs that make explosvies more damaging, but keeping specializations that make vehicles more sustainable in terms of taking damage is absurd. Also, Support should have NEVER have been given special explosives, it makes the Kit borderline OP. I also think that the Mortar Strike, C4, and Claymores should be given back to Recon. So, what do you guys think? Post up in the comments below! Charcoal121 18:25, January 10, 2012 (UTC)

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